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One day, our founders were discussing the age old adage: 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. As we were talking, we realised that is was impossible. That is when the idea for our Mystery Books was born.

During our festive events for our sister brand, Reading Box, we trialled our Mystery Books. They sold out after our first event. We had to restock three more times. After that success, we decided to roll them out on a bigger scale- and here we are!

Every Mystery Book is wrapped and tied in gorgeous packaging, with four hand drawn illustrations which aim to give you some insight as to what the book is about and pique your interest. They are perfect as a gift or a special treat for yourself.

Mystery Books were  just the beginning though. Our subscriptions have just launched, as well as our Wall Art. The latest edition to our line up is our online Book Club, with the aim of helping people to connect.

Reading just got personal.

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