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How to beat a reading slump
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How to beat a reading slump



Becky Noy

Ever found yourself stuck in a bit of a book slump, with no idea how to get out of it? Welcome to the club. I’m Becky by the way, Community & Partnerships Manager for How Novel, avid reader, reviewer and bookstagrammer! But for the purposes of this blog, think of me as your booky fairy godmother, because I’m about to get you out of that reading slump (I hope!)

Ok so what is a reading slump? According to my trusty friend ‘Urban Dictionary’ a reading slump is a reader's worst nightmare. They define it as “Not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read”. Sounds about right!

For me I find there are 3 types of reading slump: The Unbeatable book slump, The Overwhelmed book slump, and finally, The Joy-Sucker book slump.

Alright, first up we’ve got The Unbeatable book slump! This is the kind of reading hangover you get after gorging on a really amazing book. Every free moment you’ve had over the last few days has been taken up by this book, and now you’ve finished it you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself. You worry that any book you read next simply won't live up to your high expectations set by THAT book, so you decide dramatically to end on a high and never going to read again. That my friends, is The Unbeatable book slump.

When you find yourself in this slump, before vowing to never read again, here’s a possible solution: pick a book that’s the polar opposite of what you’ve just read…trust me, there’s some logic behind it. Let’s say you’ve just finished reading the most amazing romance novel, with steamy love scenes and a hunky hero - for your next book pick a bloody horror with zombies and monsters, or something that’s gonna spook you! By picking something completely different to the masterpiece you’ve just read, there’s no possible way you can compare the two and so, you can’t be disappointed! 

From Thriller to Romance...

Next up is the Overwhelmed book slump: very common amongst people who can’t resist a pretty cover. This kind of slump happens after you finish a book, and you head to the Internet to choose your next read, but are faced with hundreds of books that all have gorgeous front covers that are screaming pick me, pick me! HOW DO YOU PICK?! It feels almost impossible and overwhelming, so much so you decided that you can’t pick one and instead come to the conclusion that you’ll never read again and thus begins The Overwhelmed book slump!

The answer to this one is two words: Mystery Book. Pick out your next book based on what’s on the inside rather than what the cover looks like! All of our Mystery books are wrapped up with love so that what’s inside is a complete surprise, meaning you have to choose the book based on the four illustrations and four clues we have put on the front! No more being swayed by colourful covers!

Mystery Books

Third and finally is the The Joy-Sucker slump. The kind of slump you find yourself in after reading a truly terrible book. In fairness, there’s no such thing as a terrible book, it’s all down to personal taste, but with that being said, have you ever gotten about a third of the way through a book and decided that you basically HATE everything about it? but forced yourself to read on anyway? This sucks all the joy out of reading and because reading the last few pages becomes such a chore, it can completely put you off reading, and once again you decide (yep, you guessed it) you’ll never read again.

All is not lost! The solution to this one is surprisingly simple, you just have to pick a good book to read next… Ok so maybe that’s not as easy as it sounds, because how do you know if a book is going to be good if you haven’t read it yet? That’s where our team comes in handy! Some of our team members have picked out their favourite of our Mystery Books to help you out when you’re stuck in this slump!

The How Novel Team's top picks!

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