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Mystery Books | Celebrating Female Authors
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Mystery Books | Celebrating Female Authors


Becky Noy

On March 8th the world celebrated international women’s day (IWD), and just a week later on the 14th March, here in the UK we celebrated Mothers day! As a book lover I decided to celebrate these two occasions by sharing a picture of a huge stack of books from my bookshelf that were written by some of my favourite female authors. The stack was 17 books high, and these were just a small selection of female written books that are on my shelves! 

Let’s go back a year to IWD 2020, I’d seen so many posts on Instagram of people sharing their favourite books from their shelves that were written by some who inspired them, and wanted a go myself, but when I looked at the piles of books I owned (mostly thrillers at the time) I noticed there was a shamefully low number of them! I knew right then that this had to change!

After hours trawling through bookstagram for inspiration, overwhelming myself with the amount of choice, I asked my friends to share with me their favourite female written books. The works of Dolly Alderton, Marian Keys and Nora Ephron were just a few that were thrown my way - but when I began to research them, I realised that the majority of the books they had suggested weren’t thrillers, which was exclusively my genre of choice at the time (ahh... I should probably have been more specific with my question!)

Desperate to spice up my bookshelves I thought “do it Becky, take a chance!” So I did, and I ordered a handful of different books from varying genres written by women. After a much needed injection of female fierceness to my bookshelf, here I am in 2021 with an ever growing collection of wonderful books covering a multitude of genres (except romance novels, because they still make me feel nauseous) written by women from all around the world!

If, like me, you want to explore the world of female written books but have no idea where to start, or maybe you just want to expand your existing collection, here’s a handful of our Mystery Books that are written by wonderful women writers.

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