Book Club

Introducing our new online Book Club. This was in our plans for the later in the year, but we think people may benefit from it now more than ever. See what it's all about below!

Shared Read

Each month, members will be able to vote on a selection of Mystery Books, with the winning title being distributed to all members.


Please note, for speed and to keep costs low, these will not be wrapped and illustrated as standard.

Live Group Discussion

All members will be invited to join a group video call (though you may turn off your camera if you prefer!), led by a one of the How Novel team. Members will be able to contribute, pose questions and listen to the views of others.


Members will be able to interact with one another throughout the month, to discuss the book and stay connected. The forum will be in-house on our website, accompanied by social media discussions!

From £6.99/month

Automatically renews monthly. Cancel anytime. Additional delivery charges apply.

How it Works

Please note: these timings will be shortened somewhat during our first month as we have launched mid-cycle.


Sign up

Once you sign up, you will be sent an email with instructions of how to access our online forum. Your membership will renew on the 15th of each month which coincides with our reading cycles!



On the 15th of each month, voting begins. There will be a selection of books on the forum and you just have to choose your favourite. The one with the most votes will be our book for that month!



The vote will close a few days later (specifics will be on the voting page) and books will begin to be dispatched to all members. Your only job now is to get reading!



Now is the really fun part- talking about the book! All month you will have the opportunity to contribute to our forum with the discussion ending with a live group video call- see FAQs for more details!

I am delighted and very pleased with your choice of books. Thank you for your help!

Jelena, Belgrade, Serbia

Last ordered 26th February

From £6.99/month

Automatically renews monthly. Cancel anytime. Additional delivery charge applies.

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