Online Book Club


Our Online Book Club is perfect for those booklovers who love to enjoy a shared read alongside likeminded people and discuss their experiences of it with them, too. Each month, we vote on two books from a wide range of genres with the winner being read by all members, kicking off a discussion on our private forum throughout the month which culminates in a Live Group Discussion via video call.


Live Discussion

You decide what we read

At the beginning of each reading cycle, all members vote on two books from varying genres each month, with the winner becoming the Book Club's pick for that month. To make it even more exciting, the voting options are disguised by our Mystery Book packaging (though aren't delivered that way, check out our subscription for that) meaning you can't judge the books by their covers, perfect if you want to step outside of your comfort zone!


Get involved with our forum

With our Book Club, you don't have to wait all month to share your opinions. Instead, our 24/7 online forum means you can discuss the book and chat with fellow members whenever you choose.


Join in with our Live Group Discussion

Each month, join us via video call to discuss our shared read. Led and moderated by one of the How Novel team, our friendly (and opinionated!) group spend an hour discussing their opinions and the finer details of the chosen book.


How it works

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Sign up

Choose the plan that is right for you and sign up. Our cut off date is the 8th, to be included in that month's read.



Keep an eye out for the voting link sent via email on the 14th, and cast your vote to help decide each month's book choice.


Discuss in the forum

The forum is available 24/7 as a welcoming and easy to use space to chat and discuss the book throughout the month.


Join our group discussion

At the end of each reading cycle, join in with the optional Live Group Discussion on the book, held remotely via video call.


Frequently asked questions.

What types of books do you read?

The short answer is a little bit of everything!

Our Online Book Club in its current form is very much 'multi-genre' and we make a concerted effort to try previously unexplored topics and genres. Our members tell us this is one of their favourite aspects of the Book Club, as it helps them to occasionally step outside of their reading comfort zone!

With that said, we would say all of the books we have read fall into 'mainstream' fiction; we know what our members enjoy, and don't ever tend to go too far off piste!

A few examples of past reads include: The Foundling by Stacey Halls; VOX by Christina Dalcher; She by HC Warner; The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare.

Am I tied into a long contract?

No! We hate long, hard to get out of contracts as much as you do.

That's why you can pause your membership for as long as you like without being charged, or even cancel entirely, and why you can choose yourself how long to commit for.

To do so, all you need to do is reach out to our team before your next renewal date and they will get everything processed for you.

What happens during the group discussion?

The Live Group Discussion at the end of each reading cycle is optional, but certainly the heart of our Book Club. Usually taking place on a Sunday evening (though more times often run depending on numbers), the discussion is conducted via video call and led by one of the How Novel team.

There is no obligation to turn your camera, or indeed microphone on, but we would love to hear your thoughts on the book! The group are always very welcoming, and our team are good at getting everyone involved- even if they're a bit shy at first!

When will the book be delivered?

When each book is sent depends on how definitive the vote is, so can vary a little. For the most part, emails with the voting link are sent on the 14th of each month, after memberships renew, and books are then sent out on the 15th.

If we have a clear majority we can sometimes send the books out the same day. Likewise, if it takes members a little longer to cast their vote we may delay the dispatch by a day or two.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Despite the 'UK' in our domain name, we truly are an international company. USA, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Pakistan, Slovakia, Ireland, Serbia....the list goes on! We have a map in our office that we mark off every time we deliver to a new country, too!

There is an additional charge for international delivery, though we do heavily subsidise this.

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