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Our Gift Subscriptions are the perfect presents that keep on giving. They are our most popular gifting option, requested and loved by thousands of booklovers all over the world. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month options and treat them to one of the most thoughtful gifts they have ever received.

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Featuring our signature Mystery Books

Each month, your recipient will be sent a link to choose from our curated list of at least 5 of our Mystery Books across a range of genres. All are paperbacks and have been recently published. They will use the four words and illustrations on the front of our hand wrapped books to choose the one (or two!) that most pique their interest!

Delivered in our gorgeous Gift Box

Every order arrives packaged in our gorgeous gift box, complete with an exclusive bookmark featuring a quote by an inspirational female author. Enjoy watching them opening up a carefully prepared and personalised parcel, just for them, each month.

Write to their very own Pen Pal each month

All subscribers are assigned their own personal Pen Pal to whom they can write to each month, using the enclosed notecard, to discuss their Mystery Books, life and everything in between! Their Pen Pal, one of the How Novel team, will then include a bespoke, handwritten response in their next box.

Your gift changes the world

We believe businesses have a responsibility to use their skills and reach to help the world, as well as make a profit. That's why we support two fantastic charities, One Tree Planted and Book Aid International. Every gift subscription plants a tree and donates a book, allowing us to support climate change action and education across the world.




Depending on your order, we may need to protect your order with a mailer bag. We are currently working on transitioning from a recycled, biodegradable plastic to a plant-based, compostable material for this.

How it works

Click to reveal details about how our gift subscriptions work


Select gift length

Choose from our 3, 6 or 12 month options, for the gift that really keeps on giving. You can also choose the number of books they get.


Select delivery type

Either opt for an email gift card which you can pass on to the recipient or choose a physcial gift card for that extra special touch


Give it to the recipient

Give the recipient their thoughtful gift, which includes all the details they need to activate their subscription, hassle free


Watch them enjoy it

Prepare yourself for the endless thanks as each of their orders arrive each month, all without you lifting another finger


For pricing for gift subscriptions with a recipient outside of the UK, get in touch with us using the Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen.

Frequently asked questions.

When will the first box be sent?

This very much depends on when they activate their subscription, which is something best left to them.

We recommend opting for our physical gift cards, as it means your recipient will have something physical in their hand on the big day, without messing up their first Mystery Book choice!

Does the subscription renew automatically?


Each gift subscription will run for the number of months purchased and then end automatically.

If your recipient loves How Novel and their subscription box each month, they can reactivate their subscription themselves. This is not done using your payment details, nor is their subscription tied to you in any way once they activate their initial gift subscription.

What type of books will they get?

For the most part, that is totally up them!

Each month, they will receive a link that takes them to our curated list of brand new Mystery Books for that month. This usually consists of eight different titles, across a range of genres. They can then choose whichever piques their interest, using the clues on the front of each book.

All Mystery Books are recently published, well-reviewed fiction, in paperback.

What if they already have the Mystery Book?

Fret not, we've got them covered (though it happens much less than you might think)!

In the rare event that they do receive a Mystery Book that they already own, or have read previously, all they need to do is send it back to us and we will swap it for a new one.

In practise, this means they will be able to choose an additional Mystery Book to be included in their next box.

Please note that we do not cover the cost of returning the book to us.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Despite the 'UK' in our domain name, we truly are an international company. USA, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Pakistan, Slovakia, Ireland, Serbia....the list goes on! We have a map in our office that we mark off every time we deliver to a new country, too!

There is an additional charge for international delivery, though we do heavily subsidise this.

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