Pen Pal

All of the details you need to reply to your Pen Pal are below though, if you have any questions, please use the Live Chat at the bottom right hand corner of your screen to reach out to us.

Our Pen Pals are all around the world

We're proud to say that we have subscribers in just about every corner or the world. There is nothing the team find more exciting than a notecard from one of our lovely Pen Pals arriving at our office!

How to write back

Lots of way to get in touch

Make sure we have your response by the 8th!

Post your notecard

Post your notecard back to us, the old fashioned way. Our most popular option, we keep every notecard you send back to us, and most end up on our office wall! Use the envelope enclosed in your box to send your reply to:

How Novel
Suite 2A, No. 1 The Courtyard
Earl Road
Cheadle Hulme

Take a photo

Sometimes time is in short reply, or you simply want to save on stamps! Whatever the reason, another popular option is to write your reply on the enclosed notecard, take a quick photo and send it to us; that way, you get the best of both worlds!

The email you need to send us your reply is:

Or simply use our Live Chat!

Email us

Not a fan of snail mail? No problem at all, you can simply email us using the address below. Just try to keep your response to the length it would be if you were constrained to a notecard otherwise your Pen Pal may struggle to reply in detail to all of your reply!

The email you need to send us your reply is: