Meet The Team: Jess, Lead Artist

What is your name?

Jessica Quan

What do you do at How Novel?

I am the Lead Artist here at How Novel.

What does that involve?

It means I have either personally hand drawn the illustrations on the front of our Mystery Books, or approved the designs!

If you could only draw one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything floral. I love drawing anything to do with nature but especially flowers. It is quite rare I get the chance to draw them on our Mystery Books, so whenever I can incorporate them in I do!

What is your favourite thing about working at How Novel?

I love that we are a real team. Everyone knows what their job role is and takes responsibility for it and allows the rest of the team to do theirs. There’s a real sense of trust. I feel really comfortable here.

I love that we are a real team...there's a real sense of trust.

If you were to open a Mystery Book, what would you be hoping was inside?

A thriller, something to do with murder or crime. A bit dark, I know, but they keep me hooked! I also love anything with a bit of magic!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I really like to bake…and then eat what I’ve made! I also enjoy swimming, and going to the gym when I have a burst of motivation. Oh, and spending time with my boyfriend, of course!

Do you have a special talent or skill?

I can play piano by ear and I am fluent in Cantonese. Neither are particularly shocking as I am Chinese!

Finally, as you are our Lead Artist, if you could meet any fellow artist from history who would it be?

Frida Kahlo. I love that she uses her art to express her culture and heritage, using nature and artefacts from her native Mexico. The way she explores gender, race and class within her culture really resonates with me, having come from a non-white background myself.

Check out Jess' gorgeous designs on our Mystery Books here!


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