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Our goal is to reduce the impact on the environment. That’s why everything we have in our online store is natural and organic. That means that it has been produced using modern methods.

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One Tree Planted

Immerse yourself in the spices and flavours of the Mexican cuisine. Other than traditional food, in our restaurant you can enjoy specialty dishes from all over the World. Whatever makes your taste buds happy.

Belu Water

Water is a staple in the How Novel office, which is why we have decided to put it to good use. Instead of power hungry water coolers, supplied with massive plastic bottles, we now exclusively drink responsibly sourced mineral water from Belu. Oh yeah, and they donate 100% of their profits to Water Aid.

We want to make sure that every single moment during your stay will be enjoyable and memorable. Explore all the opportunities we offer you to discover and enjoy our beautiful place.

Book Aid International

A visit to our Spa is an utterly enjoyable experiens that will deliver you heavenly comforts in a beautiful setting. Enjoy a relaxing massage whilst listening to the sound of nature around you.

We must protect our planet. It is our only home and provider.
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We want your transition to a sustainable lifestyle be as smooth as possible. We reduce the environmental impact so it’s sustainable both for the Earth and us.

We strive to make your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle as smooth as possible. Let's reduce the environmental impact together so it’s sustainable both for the Earth and us.

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